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Today I‘m going to post some pictures of my school uniform. 
Maybe somebody wants to see. (^-^)v

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Okei, that‘s it..I want to go to bed.. It‘s already 9:54pm!!! I‘m so tired. 
But we had fun day at school today.. We did preparations for sports festival. 
"Repeat after me: DO DO DOO!!!”  That was funny Ken-kun!!! (^-^)

O-ya-su-mi minna!!

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I can't get enough of it!!!! 

Really..i haven't listened any jrock or visual kei or oshare kei or nagoya kei or nothing..only JPOP 
But why are all those bands what I listen disbanded (T__T) 

DK is so very very very pretty!!! (*^_^*)

Note to myself: lose some weight!!! fatty!!~ (>_>)